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04-11-2017, 09:41 PM
Handbrake Fail to Convert MKV to MP4 with 7.1 audio - Solved

This guide offers the best way to convert or encode MKV to MP4 keeping TrueHD 7.1 with the help of HandBrake alternative - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate.

You're probably familiar with Handbrake, which is a rarely functional program enabling people to convert MKV to MP4 free. While, some users complained Handbrake can't passthrough 7.1 TrueHD. So, ever considered looking for an alternative to Handbrake to encode MKV to MP4 with TrueHD 7.1 keeping? If so, find out in the following paragraphs.

Since Handbrake can't support 7.1 TrueHD, here is an alternative solution for you. Here we want to share a great Handbrake alternative (https://www.mediadimo.com/mkv-to-mp4-with-truehd-7-1.html) - Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate), which is able to read TureHD audio and output 7.1 TrueHD passthrough for delivering 100 percent lossless audio to the home theater. It works as the best MKV to MP4 converter for you that enables you to easily and quickly convert MKV to MP4 videos while keeping Dolby TrueHD 7.1 audio channels. Besides, it can also convert MKV to all other popular video/audio formats, including MOV, AVI, VOB, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP3, OGG, WMA, etc without quality loss.

Free Download Dimo Video Converter Ultimate (Win/Mac):

Windows Download (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/Dimo-vct-trial-setup.exe) | Mac Download (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/mac/dimo-cvt-ultimate-trial.dmg)

Other Download:

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And it offers ready presets to convert MKV video to instantly suit for iPhone, iPad, Android, VR headsets, etc. Plus, this program employs a built-in editor, so you can use it to create special video effects as needed. You can find a range of conversion options in this app, making it convenient for users to change the quality and size of the resulting output file. If you are going to reformat MKV to MP4 with subtitles on Mac, please turn to Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Mac (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate-for-mac).


How to encode MKV to MP4 with TrueHD 7.1 audio retained?

Step 1. Load source MKV files

Directly drag and drop source MKV files, or click "Add File" button on the toolbar to load MKV files to the MKV to MP4 video converter (https://www.mediadimo.com/top-video-converter.html) for converting.


Note: This ideal MKV converter could automatically detect audio tracks from source MKV files and then list them in each video title for you to choose from. As you want to retain preferred audio track for converting result, you need to select from the detected audio channels.

Step 2. Select output format

Click "Select Format" bar and select "Lossless MKV" as the output format from "Format > MultiTrack" list. Then check "fast mode" option to activate fast conversion mode for remuxing MKV to MP4.?


Step 3. Start to convert MKV video to MP4 with 7.1 audio channels

After all necessary settings, simply press the "Start" button to start the conversion from MKV format to MP4. Within a few minutes, you can get the converted MP4 video files with keeping 7.1 TrueHD on the default output folder. Just sync or transfer (https://www.mediadimo.com/mirror-videos.html) them to your mobile devices for playback. Note that to playback the MKV files in Dolby TrueHD you will need a media player such as Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC) or a Media Server such as Plex that can output the Lossless stream via HDMI to an AV Receiver that supports Dolby TrueHD.

Free Download or Purchase Dimo Video Converter Ultimate:

https://www.mediadimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/win-trial.png (https://www.mediadimo.com/download/Dimo-vct-trial-setup.exe) https://www.mediadimo.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/buy-win.png (https://www.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=145698&p=145698-18&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47HSJ&a=l1)

Need the lifetime version to work on 2-4 PCs so that your friends and family can instantly broaden their entertainment options? Please refer to the family license here (https://www.swreg.org/cgi-bin/s.cgi?s=145698&p=145698-17&q=1&v=0&d=0&rc=45K2D47H2S&a=l1).

Kindly Note:

The price of Dimo Video Converter Ultimate for Windows is divided into 1 Year Subscription, Lifetime/Family/Business License: $43.95/Year; $45.95/lifetime license; $95.95/family license(2-4 PCs); $189.95/business pack(5-8 PCs). Get your needed one at purchase page (https://www.mediadimo.com/video-converter-ultimate/purchase).

Contact us (support@mediadimo.com) or leave a message at Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/mediadimo/) if you have any issues.

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Source: Encode MKV to MP4 with TrueHD 7.1 using Handbrake alternative (https://mediaora.com/handbrake-alternative/)