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08-03-2017, 09:06 AM
The bad so,to increase the pupil,as well as a serious deterioration in the transmittance of the lens,it is not possible to block UV sunglasses,lens while now many of ultraviolet light to goal,add a layer of special coating 2.Sunglasses for the eye of the damage that can be used to block ultraviolet light.In addition,poor lens quality also,make nausea,forgetfulness,other symptoms of insomnia and visual fatigue.3,or color is gray,brown lighting of sunglasses lens,the color of the smoke,green,amber,blue,red,followed by use as the only sun and snow are excellent.Because they can reduce the glare,as shown in FIG.4,in the car,it is best to use the polarized sunglasses.5 then if you want to wear sunglasses,very clearly other people,
Atacado barato Adidas ZX 750 Mulheres (http://www.loudworx.com/) the color of your lens is too shallow,you can see your eyes.When the sun goes down,as shown in FIG.6,it is otherwise,it will,it is a place where the influence of the low-light vision,it is recommended that you remove the sun glasses.7,choose the regular manufacturer of sunglasses with UV protection,you need to go to regular glasses shop.8,pay attention to the selected lens surface state.Buy 9 sunglasses in accordance with the vision,it is apparent to the judge.To purchase a high-quality sunglasses,the only way to run is a regular of light shop to purchase optical shop,a sunglasses.10,face modification:① round face: you in order to weaken your profile,requires a linear or angle of the frame,
Cheap Wholesale Nike Air Max 90 Engineered Mesh (http://www.walnutcreek-realestate.info/) to reduce obesity,face deep a more exquisite look as color lens,please use the subtle sensation.② square face: round face,instead,you are in need of some rounded,streamlined frame to set off a temperament that is not your special inhibition.③ triangle face: it used because it will be better in the broad and narrow face,large frame,please do not use a square frame,thin frame,round,frame,the best of the bright colors for.④ the face of the oval: You,Taiwan was born and very suitable for Oh sunglasses.What kind of style,no matter how fit,does not note the size ratio on it.⑤ rectangular face: because you are best suited for the large frame sunglasses,you are the face,so that it looks more delicate,can make a small drawback of long face,color dark color.5 brand many well-known,such as Nike,Timberland,Gucci and Kenneth Cole,brands such as,as part of the sunglasses product line.Not only many sunglasses manufacturers,the special texture of the propaganda of characteristics and a significant increase in the product.It will be lower than the floating between $ 20 to several hundred US dollars,depending on the price of the features and brand of sunglasses.
Cheap Shoes Store Womens Adidas Sky Hi (http://www.realtyappmap.com/) In addition,the market there is a forgery.Discount stores and flea markets cane ?? mappings at a time,to you,to sell counterfeit expensive brand of counterfeit sunglasses,but you can find a skilled in the art that look identical in appearance,and the price is much lower than the real thing .You choose the fake instead if you buy them really brand of sunglasses,do you spend your own brand a lot of money to or to buy the real nature of the difference?The biggest problem is the production method of inexpensive sunglasses lens.They are simply coated,a layer of color film to normal plastic.Frame similar to these counterfeit color and Oakley X- metal Romeos or Ray Ban Predator is,actual lenses are very different.
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