View Full Version : Stainless steel pipe factory prices rose straight

08-15-2017, 10:36 PM
With the surge in stainless steel pipe plant steel prices, supply and demand are quietly changing, according to market understanding, the current procurement for the price of the continuous rise, more and more intense resistance, purchasing enthusiasm gradually cooling, in the process of price increases Has been chasing a part of the resources to make up for another round of this week's surge in procurement is very cautious, control the procurement or even delay the practice of procurement to more and more, follow-up procurement weakness, will have a larger surge in the market Kill.hoja de acero laminado en frío (https://www.stainlesssteelgrade.com/chapa-de-acero/)
On the whole, steel prices skyrocketed to bring the overall recovery of the industrial chain, the link showing a shock upward trend, this cyclical adjustment will continue for some time. And domestic monetary policy will also be stable in a certain period of time to maintain the stability of the real economy is also played a supporting role.cold rolled steel sheet price (https://steelsheetprices.com/steel-sheet/)
However, the Federal Reserve interest rate is a point of concern, there are views that there may be a rate hike before June, if the rate hike, then the dollar index will lead to rise, resulting in downward adjustment of commodity prices, iron ore, energy, And other prices will fall accordingly, the domestic steel prices are likely to be dragged from the raw material side, especially this mentality instability, the lack of strong demand side support but the price skyrocketing steel market.buy stainless steel sheet , Stainless Steel Metal Products For Sale (https://steelsheetstock.com/ss/)
Therefore, regardless of the future of the Federal Reserve plus no interest rate, in the face of skyrocketing market should hold a cautious attitude, the law in terms of the price rose higher, adjust the demand and space will be greater, the steel market practitioners In the operational strategy should be more speed up, fast forward and quick, profit for the security, should not be too chased. Borrow a word: stainless steel tube plant prices skyrocketed at the same time is the risk accumulation process.Stainless Steel Sheet Coil Suppliers in China (http://discountsteelsheet.com/)