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08-16-2017, 10:22 AM
Last year of the second year,released two models of the "VEGA","GITANE".Beautiful gradation of the frame to feel France seems modes Esprit uses a durable acetate resin,a certain feeling of luxury JerWe appeal to Gantt texture.This year,somewhat slender new model "MAESTRO" appearedThe color of the new frame of the latest collection "MAESTRO",bone (bone),chic smoky bamboo,black and blue color of tortoiseshell pattern lineup.In addition,a brand icon model "POLITICIAN",the big size of the frame appeared.Force is applied to the Chunky (stocky and was) a vintage feel,and Starring the avant-garde styleIt has become a fashion item that out.Max? Pition of the frame is made of acetate,which is produced from cotton oil,it does not contain a chemical substance of petroleum-based,touch unrivaled eco frame that take the environment into consideration.
Atacado barato Adidas ZX 750 Mulheres (http://www.loudworx.com/) All rivets frameIt has the ability to support through the beam,it is completed by sophisticated craftsmanship to pursue a comfortable wearing comfort.Pop-up shop of eyewear brand "sun buddies"In the outgoing type select shop that has a high style to the keyword "Drawing Numbers",April 1 from (water),eyewear brand Swedish select shop "Torre Lesbian" is engaged inPop-up shop in the "sun buddies (San Buddies)" will be held.About 30 type of eyewear lineupIt debuted as eyewear brand in April last year in Sweden "San Buddies".Hannes and Simon Hogeman brother of designer,
Cheap Wholesale Nike Roshe Run Flyknit (http://www.walnutcreek-realestate.info/) director of the popularity of the country's select shop "Torre Lesbian"Over also serves as,well as the eminent members even web media "Style.com",and has been selected in the "25 people that should be noted in 2015 of the world".Design inspiration of San Buddies,the fashionNot only from the trend of tion industry,art,music,and are drawn from pop culture,and has produced each generation of culture and eyewear that matches the color ring.Young and old all the peopleBut you enjoy wearing.Simple but to pay attention to the height of designAll frame Commitment to handmade made of Sweden,the lens using the Carl Zeiss Vision.In this pop-up shop,in Japan still it has not been much introduced the 2015 spring and summer collectionAlmost a valuable opportunity for full collection are aligned of tion.Natural walnut and using the new eyewear is releasedChange without distorting the style of the strict and sophisticated universal "GIORGIO ARMANI (Giorgio Armani)",from soft Revolution ── Giorgio Armani eyewear,
Cheap Shoes Store Caps Monster Energy And Fox (http://www.realtyappmap.com/) naturalNew sunglasses and optical frames using walnut will be released.Eyewear that is felt delicacy of Armani uniqueGiorgio Armani eyewear of new work,wooden eyewear with the perfect form.Using the Canaletto walnut,eyewear is dressed with craftsmanship,the eye clean conic frontWe have created a shape.Specially designed wood? Chip end to appeal to sophisticated,from the lightweight gold temple hand-carved decoration,such as the coin of the edge,and GiorgiDelicacy Oh Armani unique is I feel.Original details such as the delicate and sophisticated shape,rim?
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