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08-27-2017, 12:21 AM
In recent years,in Japan,of the TBS series drama "Papadoru! "Ryo Nishikido of Kanjani ∞ to play themselves in is,Fuji TV series drama" locked room "in the hero: Mr.Satoshi Ohno of the storm that plays a Enomoto diameter,glasses of each Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) I got your attention that you were using.It had been used,there is also that it was two of the national idol group Johnny's,dealing with the Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban),a degree model of Ray-Ban,which is used in the net shop (Ray-Ban) is sold out across the board did.Meanwhile,"If you do not abide by optically eye,sunglasses Yobe not the" Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is raised the concept,it was founded in 1937,has reached the '75 and the milestone of the year this year.
Adidas Executado 2.0 Sapatos (http://www.loudworx.com/) And celebrated the milestone year of '75,a collection that was issued first in this year from Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is the Ray-Ban Legens Collection (Ray-Ban? Legends? Collection).As Ray-Ban Legends Collection (Ray-Ban? Legends? Collection) the origin regression the Ray-Ban (Rayban) originally released the original lens,it has become a faithful reproduction of the model.The color of the lens to be deployed has a three-color,staple of the US Army Air Corps to be formality adopted,Ray-Ban has been popular as Ray-Ban Green (Ray-Ban? Green) from 1930 at that time (Ray-Ban) some green,
Cheap Wholesale Hat Famous (http://www.walnutcreek-realestate.info/) it is three colors of pink and blue,which reproduces the beautiful glass lens,which was developed in the 1960s.Green,pink,and consists of three colors of blue collection of this Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is a tear-drop that was made in order to ensure the maximum field of view sunglasses,Tom? Cruise is multiplied by the movie "Top? Cancer" adopted ICONS model also famous thing was "AVIATOR (Aviator)" and the popular "ROUND METAL (round? metal)" Ray-Ban,such as (Ray-Ban).Newly emerged this year "METEOR (Meteor)",also adopted the model,such as "LARAMIE (Laramie)",it has become a total of 4 models.Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban) is a premium model that becomes the crystal of 75-year corporate results that have been piled up,has become a collection of truly legendary.Cannes International Advertising Award winning !!Ray-Ban (Rayban) 75 anniversary of the campaign,it does not stop it just to get a Ray-Ban Legends Collection (Ray-Ban? Legends?
Cheap Shoes Store Kids Jordan Shoes (http://www.realtyappmap.com/)Collection).Communication of Ray-Ban (Rayban)? Campaign "RAY-BAN LEGENDS" is,two gold? Lions Award in honor of the world's largest advertising festival "Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity (Cannes Lions International Creativity? Festival)" and we were winning."Past,present,symbol and legend of the Future" to the keyword,which was taken by photographer Mark Seliger (mark? Seliger),is composed from 7 Photos that capture the era in every '10 ,it has become a thing that was recorded the trajectory of the Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban).Each photo,as reminiscent of the background,it has become a representation of the features of color and age,wearing a ICONS model of all of the characters are Ray-Ban (Ray-Ban).
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