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Jeff Smith
02-20-2005, 09:59 AM
My general question is, what's the easiest way to dynamically change my development environment from staging to production. I know the high-level answer is, "just repoint to another wsdl", but...

I used asp.NET's discovery process to originally access the staging wsdl. From this, as well as the SDK, I now have code that has embedded within it staging references (i.e. public CommonServiceSoap() {
this.Url = "http://findv3.staging.mappoint.net/Find-30/Common.asmx";
} )

Following the SDN, I wrote code that has the following initialization of the various services:
private MapPointService.RenderServiceSoap renderService;
private MapPointService.FindServiceSoap findService;
private MapPointService.RouteServiceSoap routeService;
private MapPointService.CommonServiceSoap commonService;

If I look at the URLs, while stepping through the code, these naturally reference the hard-coded staging URLs. Is there a single place (i.e. within MapPointService) that I can just say, re-discover from the production (service) wsdl? Otherwise, is it safe to change each of the Urls dynamically to the production versions. For example:

renderService.Url = "http://findv3.service.mappoint.net/Find-30/Common.asmx";

Is this even a valid URL?


03-29-2005, 08:06 AM

Settings in web.config file:

<add key="IsProduction" value="T" />

<add key="RServiceStaging" value="http://renderv3.staging.mappoint.net/render-30/RenderService.asmx" />
<add key="RServiceProduction" value="http://renderv3.mappoint.net/render-30/RenderService.asmx" />

<add key="FServiceStaging" value="http://findv3.staging.mappoint.net/find-30/FindService.asmx" />
<add key="FServiceProduction" value="http://findv3.mappoint.net/find-30/FindService.asmx" />

<add key="RtServiceStaging" value="http://routev3.staging.mappoint.net/route-30/RouteService.asmx" />
<add key="RtServiceProduction" value="http://routev3.mappoint.net/route-30/RouteService.asmx" />

<add key="CServiceStaging" value="http://findv3.staging.mappoint.net/find-30/CommonService.asmx" />
<add key="CServiceProduction" value="http://findv3.mappoint.net/find-30/CommonService.asmx" />

Method in Global file:

Public Sub AuthenticateServices()

Dim myCredentials As New NetworkCredential(ConfigurationSettings.AppSetting s("MPUser"), ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("MPPassword"))

' Render service
RService = New RenderServiceSoap
RService.Credentials = myCredentials
RService.PreAuthenticate = True

' Find service
FService = New FindServiceSoap
FService.Credentials = myCredentials
FService.PreAuthenticate = True

' Route service
RtService = New RouteServiceSoap
RtService.Credentials = myCredentials
RtService.PreAuthenticate = True

' Common service
CService = New CommonServiceSoap
CService.Credentials = myCredentials
CService.PreAuthenticate = True

' Set the endpoints to staging or production
If ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("IsProduction") = "T" Then
RService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("RServiceProduction")
FService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("FServiceProduction")
RtService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("RtServiceProduction")
CService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("CServiceProduction")
RService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("RServiceStaging")
FService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("FServiceStaging")
RtService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("RtServiceStaging")
CService.Url = ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("CServiceStaging")
End If

Return myServices

Catch ex As Exception

End Try

End Sub

All you have to do is change the IsProduction value in the config file to T or F, doesn't cause a recompile. Staging and production are exactly the same just different end points which are specified by the .URL property.

Steven Pushee

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