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02-21-2005, 09:25 AM
Winwaed Software Technology announces the release of v1.2 of their MileCharter product.

MileCharter quickly and efficiently calculates mileage tables using Microsoft MapPoint

v1.2 adds support for rate tables and mileage charts that span multiple spreadsheets. Rate tables allow a flexible range of cost calculations. Use your existing cost schedule, instead of trying to adapt someone else's!
Large tables can span multiple spreadsheets to avoid Excel's 256 column limit. v1.2 also includes a number of bug fixes.

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MileCharter is capable of automatically calculating mileage tables and charts including route distances, travel times and estimated costs. Output is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

Supporting all of MapPoint's routing options, MileCharter can be quickly set with a few clicks to batch compute hundreds if not thousands of route calculations.

A traditional "road atlas" table can be created by using the same source and destination locations. Alternatively the source and destination locations can be different, allowing numerous business functions such as serving customers or suppliers.

Full details, examples, and a free trial can be found at:


Licenses cost $50 per license. VAT (EU) and Sales Tax (Texas) may apply. Volume discounts are available.

MileCharter Licenses can be purchased from:


05-20-2005, 10:22 AM
v1.3 Released

MileCharter v1.3 has just been released. Upgrades are free for all existing registered users of MileCharter.

This is considered a maintenance release and has the following changes:

- Straight-line distance calculations are speeded up about 10-20 times.

- Excel tables with up to 65500 rows are now supported.

- Fixed: Issue with mis-positioned blank cells for routes that cannot be found (eg. if a pushpin is in a lake).

For further information, a guided tour, downloads, and purchasing information, see: