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sandy cullen
10-18-2018, 02:15 AM
How Can I Recover My Excel File
Excel Files are used by various organisations as they can handle a large amount of data. Moreover, the data entered can be easily accessed. But if the file gets corrupt, the data also becomes inaccessible. So, we should know the techniques to recover data from Excel file.

Excel File Repair Techniques

One of the methods that can be used is to update Excel application from windows update section
The other technique is to repair excel file with 'Open and Repair' method. Open MS Excel tool and then browse to open corrupt Excel file, while opening select the option 'Open and Repair' instead of Open only and then your file will be recovered
You can also Repair the whole MS Office Suite from the Control Panel to remove errors from MS Excel tool

While Opening the file it prompts a message to repair the file, then click on 'Repair' button and it will scan the file for errors and remove them
These are some of the techniques (https://www.filerepairtools.com/tips/top-5-methods-repair-excel-files/)that can be followed if MS Excel faces corruption issues