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Andrew Karasev
10-03-2005, 05:44 PM
Oracle E-Business Suite with its core Oracle Financials is also known as Oracle Applications. With the purchase of PeopleSoft Oracle is facing similar to other market leaders (Microsoft for example) application merge dilemma. Microsoft is launching so-called Project Green to achieve the goal. Oracle is launching similar program. In our opinion, as it was never done before to merge such pieces as Oracle Financials and PeopleSoft - it will be one of the project of the decade for the humanity.
With this small article we begin the cycle of Oracle E-Business Suite, or Oracle Applications articles. You probably have heard about the new directions of Oracle concern on Java and J2EE Technology. Oracle has announced the commitment with Java and also kept the “traditional development tools” community happy, promising they will continue to invest on them. But at the same time, Oracle recommends to their E-Business customers the following strategies (have a look at the Oracle Statement of Direction at http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/forms/pdf/10g/ToolsSOD.pdf):
• Move from client-server to the Web
• Upgrade to the latest versions
• Interoperate with Java/J2EE
• Develop new modules using JDeveloper
It’s clear that Oracle is aligning everything to Java and also recommending its customers to do just the same. So, it becomes very important to the customers to also adhere to the same technology. This will guarantee its investments at the long run. If you consider that Java Technology is the choice of many IT companies, like IBM, Sun, and Oracle itself, and also that the market is recognizing (maketshare, downloads, highest growth) its benefits, this will be a good movement.

It does not mean you need to change everything to Java: it is just a recommendation that the new modules could be done using Java. Oracle E-Business will run Forms for a long time. Oracle itself has not converted the entire E-Business itself to Java, and this will probably take a long time. Remember, they still have PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, Retek and now Siebel, a recent agreement on acquisition. They will “fuse” all in one architecture call “Fusion”.

Well, if your company has not written any application in Java yet, it is time to start. The next articles will focus on this technology, its principles and, mainly, the strategy the E-Business customers should take.
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