View Full Version : How best to keep track of MapPoint.Pushpins

10-25-2005, 09:14 PM

I've got a very rudimentary delivery program with drivers and delivery locations each requiring pushpins for display on a MapPoint map. I need to keep track of the pushpins so I can set their attributes and delete them when I'm done with them, and I'm wondering what's a good method for storing these pushpins. Or should I use a MapPoint facility for this.

Currently I have an Order list with an array of order objects, and each one displayed is given the pushpin object to which it's associated. But I'm having MapPoint issues when I go to access and delete them. Is that a no no? Assigning a MapPoint pushpin object to my object? What's the best way to do this?


10-26-2005, 11:28 AM

It is the best way as you do it, because you have control yourself over everything. Make an order object that controls all the orders in an array where each order is also an object withc hold a reference to his displayed pushpin.