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07-20-2007, 06:52 AM
I hesitate to post this list; as a major contributor to another software forum, I know that such a list from a newbie (which I am with MapPoint) will be a mixed bag of banalities, things discussed elsewhere, and perhaps a few nuggets. Mostly of all I'd like to see work-arounds where they exist. Perhaps even MS will read it and implement a few of them, who knows? But anyway, here 'tis:
Add/fix the exit numbers for unnumbered exits. See:
Pennsylvania: The Pennsylvania Turnpike - About the PTC (http://www.paturnpike.com/geninfo/intrenum/intrenum.aspx#milemark)
California: Interchange Exit Numbering (http://www.dot.ca.gov/hq/traffops/signtech/calnexus/)
Florida: Florida Department of Transportation (http://www.dot.state.fl.us/TrafficOperations/Operations/exitnumb/i_4.htm)
Utah: UDOT I-15 Milepost Update Progress (http://www.udot.utah.gov/mileposts/area_map.html#end) (in this case, specify that the NEW numbering is in place.)
Illinois (and a few others who don't use any mile markers on some toll roads) - fake it. Even getting close is worth it.
For New York, Connecticut and and others that still use serial markers rather than mile exits, a switch to choose between the two formats would be very useful.
Display exit numbering for major highways that aren't IHs, where such exists. Most states have them.
Export lat and lon at least in MapPoint. It is perverse that the export doesn't include it.
Provide a way to point at a location on the map, and then do something (right click? key press?) that will transfer the lat/lon of that point into the clipboard in the format "tt.ttttt -nn.nnnnn". While you're at it, allow lat/lon in this format to be dropped into the toolbar Find box, and into the "lat" box in Edit->Find->Lat/Lon.
Please add normal Toolbar customization functionality.
Provide a way to set the road number indicator density on a map view. I often want to see more about where a designation starts or finishes, or am trying to locate a route number where the designator is being coy and doesn't appear. A density slider would be nice.
A way to click on a route number indicator (IH, US, State or county) and get the route highlighted from end-to-end.
Make the political map style more contrasty. Use four pastel colors, perhaps, rather than versions of pink only. And differentiate the toll roads in all modes, as they are in Road Maps.
if toll roads differentiation cannot be had when a route is laid over the road, a way to temporarily turn off the route color so the toll roads underneath can be assessed.
A way to quickly set a PushPin so that the point of nearest approach of the route to the spot will have an entry in the route.
Allow the user to designate the zero point in the route table, so mileages are displayed fore and aft of this place on the route.
A method to "walk" the route (or even any identifyable street/hiway/interstate) so that the current point on the route stays fixed in the center of the screen.
Make the pin boxes smarter so they shrink to the size of the comment they contain.
Allow for editing the address in a box that was created by a Find operation.
Need a mouse-driven way to change pin box orientation. The current context menu method is too clumsy. A drag-and-drop on the box itself, perhaps? At least change the four styles to icons rather than words, and move then up to the main context menu. Also, a way to lock the orientations, to keep them from jumping around when a box is closed. And a way to close them all at once.
Don't redraw the whole route from scratch at full route zoom when a rerouting is called for. At least allow for maintaining the user's current zoom and center location across reroute calculations.
A button to set the farthest out zoom value that still allows for the exit numbering to still be seen.
A Find operation for hiway/exit number locating.
When using the mouse wheel to zoom in/out, it would be very useful if the map would move the location at the cursor point to the center of the screen when the wheel is adjusted.
Using the distance measuring tool, would be nice if I could right-click on a spot and have an elapsed mile marker dropped there along the path. Also move the running display a 1/2inch or so away from the current forward point, so a person can see where he's drawing.
Ability to turn off the darned "Duplicate name on a push pin" warning.
Ability to turn off ability to choose a name (state, city, mile marker, street, etc). Less distraction from "Which one?" dialog.Hope I don't sound whiney - I'm submitting these with all due respect to Microsoft and this forum.

07-20-2007, 08:48 AM
Export lat and lon at least in MapPoint. It is perverse that the export doesn't include it.

Pushpin Tool will do this. See John Meyers site ( http://www.support-pc.com ) or http://www.Mapping-Tools.com

A few of the other requests could be handled with custom programming.