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Eric Frost
09-18-2007, 10:14 AM
Masternaut Digs Up Big Rewards for JCB Servicing

From Transport News Network - "Masternaut uses satellite positioning (GPS) to establish the location of each of Watling JCB’s vehicles; this information is then automatically transmitted via high-speed mobile communication technology (GPRS) to a central server. The real time position of every vehicle, displayed using Microsoft MapPoint® online street mapping, can be securely accessed via any web enabled PC or handheld device and minute-by-minute vehicle activity reports are automatically delivered to managers by e-mail. Additional features used by Watling JCB include congestion charge monitoring and individual engineer job reports."

Masternaut Digs Up Big Rewards for JCB Servicing - Transport News Network (http://www.tnn.co.uk:80/Technology/plonearticle.2007-09-17.0129068811)