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03-03-2008, 07:56 AM
hello everyone,

:helpsmilie: i am interested in full HDD encryption. someone recommended DriveCrypt PlusPack, from www.securstar.com. they said it's very reliable and it could meet my needs. :37v: i was wondering if any of you knew about this encryption software and if you could give me some tips and advice on it.

what got my attention about this software was the bootauth feature :helmet: that it has , it's a pre-boot autenthification system. also i am very much interested to find out about the hidden OS feature that this software has. :57w:

so if any of you guys use it or tried it please tell me what you think about it. :001_9898:

Hello everyone,

I am interested in two programs from SecurStar. I've talked to the customer support and they were helpful but I just need more info and I thought maybe I could find it here too.

The first one is SurfSolo, it's like a VPN but for personal use, I'd appreciate any suggestions.

I have very sensitive data on my computer and I really consider a full HDD encryption. A friend of mine recommended DriveCrypt PlusPack , this is the second soft that I'm interested in. I know that full disk encryption should be considered only if very necessary but this is my case.