View Full Version : Winwaed announce new product: Shape Name Utility

05-19-2008, 11:44 AM
Winwaed Software Technology LLC has just released a new freeware product under the Berkeley (BSD) open source license.

The Shape Name Utility is a simple utility that allows a user to query a shape's name and modify it if required. The shape type is also reported.

Although typical MapPoint users might find this useful, this product is really intended for programmers and consultants who can use it as a diagnostic tool.

The Shape Name Utility is available in two installation packages: End User which is built as an installer; and Source Code which includes all source code but needs to be built or manually installed.

Further information and downloads can be found on the Shape Name Utility web pages, here:


Shape Name Utility is written in Visual Basic 6, and uses NSIS as an installer scripting engine. The documentation is written using Help & Manual v4.5. NSIS is open source, but Help&Manual is not.