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Classic Painting
07-25-2008, 03:22 PM
It would be nice to rename the addresses on the route planner. When I worked for a medical supplier, we had Doctors traveling throughout Florida making house calls. Those house calls were imported (or sometimes typed) into the route planner. But I had to nearly memorize the addresses that corresponded to the patients chart. Just like we are able to rename bookmarks that are held in the browser bar, we should be able to rename the location. That way the route planner could be listed with the general name of where you were headed rather than 2,000 addresses that are technically correct but very user unfriendly

And really you guys have almost burned your bridge with me with the erroneous updates. I bought Microsoft streets and trip 2001. then i bought 2002. then 2003. It took awhile but I started to notice that the maps werent really being updated. then the actual software wasnt really changing all that much. then i realized it was MY responsibility to call to some phone center in INDIA just to wait over an hour on hold only to hear from the horses mouth that there was no upgrade to data technologies which i guess is where the map info is generated. Mappoint is really census based so whats the attraction of buying 2009 mappoint if your not going to update the program, the maps, or contain the new census data which isnt getting collected that year?

real thin ice.