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Paul Larson
07-30-2008, 09:56 PM
DemoUdidUSA.zip, attached.

One of the issues I've come across in MapPoint programming is that there isn't any obviated relationship between the demographics database and any user-accessible geographic entity. Furthermore, it's difficult to get multiple demographics for distinct entities without loading the entire database multiple times.

That's why I created this dataset.

If you open the MapPoint demographics database (the password is "Geo80", by the way) you may notice that the key of all datasets is named UDID.

The attached file relates each UDID entry in the demographics database with its counterpart geographic entity as listed here:
SetId SetName
-24 United Kingdom by Postcode District
-23 United Kingdom by Postcode Area
-22 United Kingdom by Postcode Sector
-21 Spain by Postcode
-20 Spain by Province
-19 Spain by Autonomia
-18 Spain by Postcode
-17 Switzerland by Canton
-16 Netherlands by Municipality (Gemeente)
-15 Netherlands by Province
-14 Netherlands by Postcode
-13 World by Country
-12 Italy by Province
-11 Italy by Region
-10 Germany by Post Zone (NOT ACCESSIBLE)
-9 France by Department
-8 France by Region
-7 France by Postcode
-6 Germany by Post Region
-5 Germany by Post Zone
-4 Germany by Post Area
-3 Austria by Bezirke
-2 Austria by Bundeslander
-1 Austria by Gemeinde

The included _README.TXT file provides some documentation and example usage of the dataset.


P.S. Note that this is for the European MP2006 version.
For a North American version, see the thread "Paul's MP2006 Helpful Datasets - DemoUdidUSA"