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Eric Frost
08-03-2008, 03:53 PM
In the News

China Central Television Releases First Virtual Earth Integration for Euro 2008
China Central Television (CCTV), the largest Chinese broadcast company that owns the exclusive Olympics broadcasting rights for China, released the first version of the Virtual Earth integration on the CCTV Olympics site for the Euro Soccer Game 2008. Key elements include pinpointing of involved countries, host cities, stadiums, scoreboards and videos of games. The site is also interactive, featuring a virtual remote control for consumers to play videos and chat with others. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Euro 2008 on CCTV (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/13/euro-2008-on-cctv.aspx).

Tour de Korea Japan 2008 Uses Virtual Earth to Show Off Bicycle Race
Tour de Korea, an international bicycling race located in Japan, uses the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform to highlight key checkpoints. Online viewers can select a 2-D or 3-D view of the area. Each icon that represents a point in the race features a popup with a street-side view of the course at that location. Other icons provide small overviews of the race’s length and other details. Although the international bicycle race took place in Yamaga City on June 21 and 22, access to the site is still available. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Tour de Korea - Japan 2008 (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/16/tour-de-korea-japan-2008.aspx).

City of Richmond Virtual Earth Parcel Mapper
Richmond, Va., is the latest U.S. city to use the Virtual Earth mapping platform to provide its residents with key geographic information. City planners and residents can locate and display the parcel and property outline for real estate in the city. After a parcel is located, customers can open a full property report for more insight into the value, ownership and other pertinent information on the land. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth For Public Sector: CIty Of Richmond Virtual Earth/Mapdotnet Parcel Mapper (http://virtualearth4gov.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!369B39F890CE30C1!1111.entry).

MSNBC.com and CNN Map Midwest Floods With Virtual Earth
In mid-June, several media outlets used Virtual Earth to provide their viewers with deeper insight into the impact of the disastrous flooding along the Mississippi River and in Michigan. MSNBC.com published a Virtual Earth map pinpointing locations and details of interest. In addition, CNN’s Chad Myers illustrated the weather for audiences using the high-resolution photography in Virtual Earth 3D. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : MSNBC Maps Midwest Floods with Virtual Earth (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/17/msnbc-maps-midwest-floods-with-virtual-earth.aspx).

Darden Restaurants Integrates Virtual Earth Into Web Site Store Locator
Darden Restaurants Inc. recently selected Virtual Earth as the mapping platform used to power the location finders for its restaurant Web sites. The restaurants include popular chains such as Red Lobster, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, the Capital Grille and Seasons 52 Fresh Grill. Results on each site also provide driving directions and menus. For more information and direct links to each restaurant, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Darden Restaurants (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/20/darden-restaurants.aspx).

RoomSaver.com Integrates Virtual Earth Into Web Site Re-Launch
RoomSaver.com, a leading hotel coupon Web site, announced updates to its April 1 Web site re-launch, including an interactive map, powered by Microsoft Virtual Earth. Consumers can use the mapping service to find multiple hotel locations to determine which one best fits their needs. For more information and to view the press release, please visit Roomsaver.com Launches New and Improved Hotel Coupon Website (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/06/prweb993404.htm).

Loopt’s Social Networking Application on the iPhone Uses Live Search Maps
On June 9, Loopt Inc.’s CEO Sam Altman demonstrated the company’s social search application newly built for the iPhone at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco. The free iPhone application uses Microsoft Virtual Earth as the base platform for mapping and location-based social networking. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Virtual Earth and iPhone (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/10/virtual-earth-and-iphone.aspx).

Virtual Earth EMEA Introduction and Overview Webcast
On July 9 and 23, a webcast led by worldwide Virtual Earth specialists will provide an introduction and overview of the platform. The webcast is intended for business decision makers, business professionals and developers and will provide insight into how integrating mapping applications into businesses can improve customer satisfaction. Key agenda items include MapPoint Web Service overview, Virtual Earth overview, getting started with development, differentiation between consumer and enterprise APIs, and the EMEA and APAC pricing models. After each webcast, the specialists will be available to answer questions. For more information and to sign up for the webcasts, please visit Microsoft Virtual Earth: News and Events (http://www.microsoft.com/virtualearth/resources/events.aspx).

Virtual Earth to Show How to Drive Revenue at Worldwide Partner Conference 2008
In a business productivity solutions breakout session at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2008 in Houston July 8–10, audience members will view a presentation on how Microsoft Visio and the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform can help customers drive revenue by visualizing corporate data and optimizing decision making. For more information and to register, please visit https://partner.microsoft.com/global/trainingevents/wwpartnerconference/ppreg.

Guide to Microsoft’s Geo-Spatial Technology, Virtual Earth at GeoWeb 2008
On July 22, Microsoft will lead an in-depth workshop exploring the research and development behind geo-spatial technology such as the Virtual Earth platform and SQL Server Spatial at the GeoWeb 2008 conference. Three main areas of discussion include spatial database design for the next generation, investments in aerial technology and in 2-D and 3-D image quality in Virtual Earth, and application-building potential on the Virtual Earth platform. For more information or to register for the event, please visit Microsoft Virtual Earth: News and Events (http://www.microsoft.com/virtualearth/resources/events.aspx).

Meet the Experts: Microsoft to Host Virtual Earth and MapPoint in Australia
Virtual Earth and MapPoint experts will travel to three different Microsoft offices in Australia — Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane — July 30–Aug. 1, respectively. Each visit has the same agenda, with items such as an introduction to and overview of Virtual Earth, technical demonstration of its functionality, insight into working on the platform, and information on the pricing model. For more information or to register, please visit Microsoft Virtual Earth: News and Events (http://www.microsoft.com/virtualearth/resources/events.aspx).

Active Hotels — First Travel Web Site to Incorporate Microsoft Virtual Earth Bird's Eye imagery Into Multimap Application
Active Hotels, one of Europe’s leading online reservation providers to the hotel industry, has become the first travel Web site to benefit from the fully combined mapping functionality of Multimap and Microsoft Virtual Earth, incorporating both Virtual Earth’s high-resolution aerial and Bird’s Eye imagery into its existing Multimap application. The imagery will allow Active Hotel customers to research their trips and accommodation in greater detail, giving them a preview of “what it’s like to be there.” The imagery will also increase user confidence when booking by validating hotel locations and proximity to amenities such as the beach, tourist attractions and transport links. For more information on the Active Hotels application, please visit Active Hotels (http://www.activehotels.com).

Helsingin Sanomat Signs Deal to Use Virtual Earth for Its Web Services
On June 2, Microsoft and Helsingin Sanomat, the largest newspaper in the Nordic countries consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and associated territories, announced an agreement to significantly increase cooperation in Web operations. Helsingin Sanomat will start to use many of Microsoft’s Live and Web advertising solutions in developing its services for advertisers and readers. In addition, Helsingin Sanomat will adopt the Microsoft Virtual Earth map service as the development platform for its own Web mapping services. To view the Helsingin Sanomat Web site, please visit Helsingin Sanomat - International Edition (http://www.hs.fi/english).

Hotel Reservation Service (HRS): Microsoft Virtual Earth Now Integrating With One of the World’s Leading Reservation System
HRS partnered with Microsoft Virtual Earth to offer extensive high-resolution imagery coverage to support its international hotel booking services and sponsorship interests of June’s UEFA Cup Finals in Europe. It enriches the geo-spatial and visual components of its hotel booking service. HRS is one of the world’s largest hotel reservation systems with a database of over 230,000 hotels in 178 countries, localized in 32 languages. HRS generates over 90 million page views per month with 4.5 million users accessing its Web site. This system enables users to make direct reservations free of charge. Over 12,000 companies are currently connected to the HRS system, including IKEA, Deutsche Telecom, and Deutsche Post. To view the portal, please visit HRS - HOTEL RESERVATION SERVICE (http://www.hrs.de/?client=de__NEXT).

kalaydo.de: Germany Online Advertising Portal Increases Usability With Microsoft Virtual Earth
kalaydo.de, an online advertising portal of regional daily newspapers for Germany, integrates with Microsoft Virtual Earth platform to increase usability for Web users. The portal is also partnering with several publications including Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, Express and Kölnische Rundschau. kalaydo.de displays content about the automobile, real estate, and job market, as well as a marketplace to sell personal goods. The use of Bird’s Eye imagery offers a visual view of search results, which automatically benefit locally focused searches such as real estate. For more information, please visit kalaydo.de - das regionale Findernet - Auto, Job, Immobilien und Marktplatz Kleinanzeigen: Köln, Düsseldorf, Aachen, Bonn, Wuppertal, Koblenz (http://www.kalaydo.de).

Microsoft Virtual Earth Launches New Data Publishing Initiative Program, GoVE
In June, Microsoft Virtual Earth launched a new program, GoVE. The data publishing initiative enables governments to distribute their own ortho-rectified aerial imagery for the public. It benefits municipalities, state and local governments by helping to improve public services, such as tourism, transportation, utilities and economic development. For more information on GoVE and how to get involved, please visit http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/b/7/db7cdfe7-7671-464f-99a5-1fd2dc15d541/VE-GOV-Data_Pub_Initiative.pdf

Ascendix Technologies Inc. Enhances Microsoft Virtual Earth Integration in Real Estate Advantage 4.1
On June 3, Ascendix Technologies announced the release of Real Estate Advantage 4.1 for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 platform, which includes deeper integration with Microsoft Virtual Earth for enhanced property mapping tools. Users can view multiple properties on a map that features embedded real estate data and images. The release also includes improved custom searches, data management and reporting. Ascendix Technologies demonstrated the Real Estate Advantage solution early June at RealComm in San Diego. For more information, please visit: Ascendix Technologies Announces the Release of Real Estate Advantage™ for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 - THE Commercial Real Estate Solution for Microsoft CRM (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2008/06/prweb991164.htm).

Case Studies: Wackenhut, Reuters AlertNet, CenterPoint Properties, Coldwell Banker Commercial and CRM 4.0 Partners — CDM A/S and Brimstone
Microsoft released several new Virtual Earth case studies this month, including these:
Wackenhut’s expansion of its SecureTrack solution with Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping software enabled GPS data collection visualization features for clients to verify that the right areas are being patrolled. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: Wackenhut (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002224).
Reuters AlertNet doubled the number of map page visits in the six months after integrating with Microsoft Gold Certified Partner IDV Solutions and developing a dynamic content portal that includes Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping technology. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: Reuters Foundation (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002151).
CenterPoint Properties integration of its CenterPoint Universal Business System (CUB) with Microsoft Virtual Earth enabled users to visualize property data, which improved employee productivity; as a result, CenterPoint’s business growth has accelerated. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: CenterPoint Properties (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002094).
Coldwell Banker Commercial developed its Web site on the Microsoft Virtual Earth platform and Microsoft MapPoint Web Service to provide brokers and affiliates the visual mapping competitive advantage for their customers. The company received a Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences for excellence on the Internet. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: Coldwell Banker Commercial (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002065).
CDM A/S developed the Optimize Pharma CRM Sales Force Automation module to help sales representatives to coordinate logistics of daily work effectively, including optimization of sales route with the integration of Microsoft Virtual Earth. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: CDM A/S (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002184).
Brimstone’s development of the Brimstone CRM v08 includes integration with Microsoft Virtual Earth to provide geographic visual data, which helps the number of meetings for its field sales representatives. For more information, please visit Microsoft Case Studies: Brimstone (http://www.microsoft.com/casestudies/casestudy.aspx?casestudyid=4000002181).

RNLI System Using MapPoint Saves Lives of Three U.K. Fishermen
On June 24, the RNLI MOB Guardian man overboard and vessel locater alert system, developed by Microsoft partner Active Web Solutions, verified the location of a missing vessel for coastguard search and rescue officials in the United Kingdom. As a result, the three fishermen were found and safely brought to shore. The RNLI MOB Guardian uses the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft MapPoint Web Service and GPS to help identify vessel locations in real time. For more information, please visit http://www.aws.net/uploads//MOBGPressRelease.pdf.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Participates in Real Estate Connect San Francisco
Microsoft Virtual Earth is the platinum sponsor at Real Estate Connect San Francisco. Currently experiencing enormous momentum in the real estate industry, Virtual Earth provides a mapping platform for online real estate businesses. In addition to sponsorship, Virtual Earth Tech Evangelist Chris Pendleton will participate in two sessions at the event. For more information, please visit List of Sponsors | Inman News (http://www.inman.com/events/real-estate-connect-san-francisco-2008/sponsor/list-sponsors).

Recent Updates - Microsoft Virtual Earth

June Virtual Earth Imagery Updates
In June, the Virtual Earth team announced 20 TB of new imagery, including ortho imagery of cities throughout the United States, Canada and France. The releases also feature Bird’s Eye imagery updates in several European cities in countries such as Austria, Germany, France, England, Scotland and Italy. For a full list of cities with new imagery, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Virtual Earth Imagery Release - June, 2008 (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/24/virtual-earth-imagery-release-june-2008.aspx).

Latest Virtual Earth SDK Implements Customer Identification
Virtual Earth launched its latest update to the Virtual Earth map control software development kit (SDK), giving customers the option to implement a customer identification mechanism in their application. Customers can now view detailed reports on their Virtual Earth platform usage and authorize business customer usage of commercial-application-only features. In addition, the team launched the Microsoft Virtual Earth Staging Environment that provides a staging area for customers to try out new features and functionality. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : Virtual Earth Staging Environment (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/19/virtual-earth-staging-environment.aspx).

MapPoint Web Service 4.7 SDK Released
On June 20, MapPoint Web Service 4.7 SDK was released, updating the text to include a new version of the road network coverage. The text now specifies the countries and provides better descriptors for the level of geographic coverage in the respective countries. For more information, please visit Virtual Earth, An Evangelist's Blog : MapPoint Web Service 4.7 SDK Released (http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/06/23/mappoint-web-service-4-7-sdk-released.aspx).