View Full Version : 10% Discount on Mapping-Tools Products!

Eric Frost
08-21-2008, 11:09 AM
Mapping-Tools.com is offering a 10% coupon code for MapForums Plus members.

This coupon is good for 10% off MileCharter (https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=1730362&referrer=ericwfrost), RouteWriter (https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=1730358&referrer=ericwfrost), MPSuperShape (https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=1730306&referrer=ericwfrost), MPCluster (https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=2739470&referrer=ericwfrost) and MPMileage (https://www.plimus.com/jsp/buynow.jsp?contractId=2028436&referrer=ericwfrost).

Click on this zip file below for the coupon code.

Click on the links above for information about the products and to order.

You must use Plimus as the checkout option and enter the code to receive the discount.