View Full Version : Importing Symbol Sets

Eric Frost
10-23-2008, 09:16 AM
A quick "how to" article shows how to import custom symbols sets from elsewhere on the internet..


key points:
- If necessary, convert from png or whatever other format the symbols are in to a format MapPoint can accept - e.g. bmp. This is the bulk of the article actually.. I used HyperSnap ($35 shareware) to do batch conversion.
- see my follow-up post, using the symbol batch import tool from Support-PC (free!) import all of the Pushpins.

An example map with numbered balloons is attached.

Let me know if you have any questions - require clarification - or have any requests!


p.s. it wouldn't do animations, but you could even get forum smiley sets into MapPoint !

:osama: :angel2: :tt2: :shaun: :arabia: :smarty: :cool2: :hammer:

Here's a site with a bunch of free forum smiley sets:
Vbulletin Smiley Packs (http://www.vbulletinsmileys.com/)