View Full Version : OpenMap() / Abort

11-06-2008, 12:41 AM

i do use

* ::oMap:NewMap( geoMapEurope ) // load "new" Map
::oMap:OpenMap(cPinLocal) // load "my" Map
now when i want to "load" other Map i will get the Question to save Map.
i know i can use

::oMap:ActiveMap:Saved := .T.
to avoid Question, but lets say i do not use :Saved := .T. and i got
the Question than i have 2 "Problems"

a.) if i do not "react" i got a "timeout" from OLE-Server ...
b.) if i choise "Abort" ... it will crash ...

as i read in Help File :OpenMap() will return a Boolean value, but i have to
use it as Methode of MapPoint.Application so i got a Object ?

::oPinMap := ::oMap:OpenMap(cPinNew)
IF VALTYPE(::oPinMap) = "O" // it is a Object
so my Question is : how do i find out if User have choice "Abort" ?