View Full Version : How come no Fire Stations listed (expcept San Juan Puerto Rico)

12-14-2008, 01:36 PM
I have performed residential and commercial inspections for insurance and mortgage companies for years and they all want to know the distance to the closest Fire Satation, hence my interest.

I have/have had Map Point 2004 (since it was new) which has everything but Fire Stations listed... and I called Microsoft and left a voice mail for who ever was supposed to be in charge of the S.E. U.S. (Florida) and left a voice mail (that was like 2005 and am not holding my breath for my return call) asking about how to obtain an update and about whether Fire stations would be listed.

I just finished taking the 2009 "test drive" could not help but notice Fire stations are still not listed, is this a "homeland security" thing? I can not imagine why they (Fire stations) are not listed Police stations, Hospitals, schools, day cares, churches, synogogues (spelling?) community centers, theaters and all manner of what could reasonably be assumed to be "possible" attractive targets, all seem to be readily accessable but NOT Fire stations. I mean really every a.t.m., resturaunt and gas station?

It would really be nice to be able to do a quick route map and radius to get actual distance and travel distance between the property being inspected and the closest fire station...

I know it seems like it is something only a few people would use, but insurance companies, mortgage companies require the information and the first place they seek the information is from the home owner who could easilly pull it up from the software.

Also, as a retired Fire Fighter, E.M.T., Fire Inspector, Fire Inspector Instructor I can tell you that I can not count the times someone has scooped up an injured or ill family member and driven them to the closest Fire station for emergency care everything from needing a ring cut off, to chest pains, to unresponsive children, to stabbing victims and gunshot wounds. Not to mention blood pressure checks, requests for directions etc.

So, if there is a reason I'd like to hear it... If the info is available as a "update" or download or file I'd like to get that information too.

Anyhelp would be greatlty appreciated thanks...


Eric Frost
02-18-2013, 03:45 PM
I just checked MapPoint 2013 and they are still not in there...

I think you'd have to find your own source for this data and import as a Pushpin Layer. Luckily it looks like this data is readily available and free?


USFA National Fire Department Census Download (http://apps.usfa.fema.gov/census-download/main/download)