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12-17-2008, 12:53 PM
Hello everyone. My name is Stephen from Newport Beach California. I joined MapForums a couple days ago. I am primarily a VBA developer and have been assigned the task of implementing MapPoint Control 16.0 (MapPoint 2009) in a MS Access 2000 custom application. I have no previous experience with MapPoint. I have read most of the MapPoint 2006 SDK and see all of the Methods available. Still the documentation is not easily to applied to practical use. My goal is to programatically open Maps in MS Access 2000 linking Territories and multiple Datasets without the use of the MapPoint Toolbars. I have already accomplished this, but am having trouble defining the display text and shapes and colors of the linked data. Any guidence that you can give will be appreciated greatly. Thanks to all . . . I will in-turn help the next "lost" person.