View Full Version : Lat/Long improvements and ActiveX access to Location Sensor

11-15-2002, 05:40 PM
(I accidentally posted the following suggestion to the MapPoint Questions discussion group), intending to post it to teh Wish List forum). :(

I don't know how many other MapPoint users have been frustrated by the fact that MapPoint seems to make it very difficult to obtain Latitude and Longitude information for map objects, nor does it provide a simple and direct means for querying (or on/off control) of the Location Sensor tool when controlling MapPoint via automation or its ActiveX control.

It does, of course allow the user to SPECIFY the location of an object in lat/long. Why is the reverse not also true? I strongly recommend inclusion of Lat/Log query features into future releases of MapPoint. :( :(

Regarding the Location Sensor tool, I would also strongly recommend that the format of the Lat/Long info displayed be user selectable between (as a minimum) degrees, degrees/minutes, and degrees/minutes/seconds.

11-24-2002, 12:27 AM
As I understand it, the functionality of pulling the Lat/Long was and will continue to be intentionally left out, something to do with the cost of MapPoint and other much more expensive products. Thank God for this newsgroup and the routines it makes available. After a little learning curve, it's not so difficult.