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the gooner
02-15-2009, 10:04 AM
Hey all new to mappoint as its now called over here last edition i had was autoroute for 2004 (sorry should have said im in from sunny scotland in the UK)

i currently use mappoint in my car pc and after a few answers.

1) after the PC comes out of hibernate i have to stop/start the tracking to get the GPS to reconnect, is there anyway of getting this to happen automatically. not much of an issue i know but its a pain at times.

2) im using an Nlited version of XP and ive removed the accessabiltiy part of it to make it as small as possible for faster boot times. Unfortunatly this has meant that i cant get driving guidence to work as theres no text to speech componants. does anybody know a way of installing these ? ive tried microsofts site and the help gave the advise to install microsoft reader then the speech compontant for it. tried this and was told that id had failed as missing componants.
Does anybody know a thrid party application that can work with mappoint ?
Should have said i dont really want to have to reinstall XP as its all setup on a compact flash card and dont want to spend ages reinstalling everything as the car is used everyday and only has the PC, no Cdplayer etc

3) is there anyway of creating a route easily from current gps location like a standard sat nav system, ie put in a post code and address and go from there rather than having to pick your gps as a start point from the screen

yup alot of questions there but im hoping i get as much help as i know you can get on forums

cheers in advance


Marvin Hlavac
02-15-2009, 04:45 PM
Hi Paul, and welcome to the forum. Many applications have problem reconnecting to a USB GPS receiver. Some people (in CarPC communities) seems to favor serial GPS receivers over USB because of this issue.

MapPoint Europe (http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/microsoft-streets-trips/2736-review-microsoft-mappoint.html)