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02-19-2009, 11:55 AM
I have a client with a VFP app that interfaces with MapPoint. They have been running the 2004 version fine on a few machines and decided to upgrade to get the updated maps. All running XP Pro SP2.

On computer 1, they installed 2009 and this failed:
loApp = CREATEOBJECT("MapPoint.Application")
They have called MS 3 times so far and each time MS takes over thier computer and runs a patch. This computer then works for a day, then fails again.

On computer 2, they installed a 2006 version from an old cd they had laying around and the CREATEOBJECT works but this fails (library not registered error):
loMap = loApp.NewMap()

I installed the eval version on my computer, which had no previous version installed and the code works fine.

1. Anyone have the definitive fix for this?
2. Can you update the maps without upgrading the software? I don't care if I have to buy the software, but the functionality of 2004 is fine.
3. I read on this forum that you can create a generated map and that anyone could view it, even those users without the software. How do you view a generated map without the software?

Thanks for any suggestions. They are getting ready to reformat thier hard-drives...

02-20-2009, 08:25 AM
If you run "mappoint /regserver" then this will register the COM objects for the version in question.
There aren't many command line options, but /? or/h I think list them.

Some people have had some luck transferring maps between versions - typically from Streets & Trips to MapPoint. As you are already having problems, I wouldn't even consider it if I was you. This would be unsupported.

Distributing maps: You can create an image from MapPoint - to clipboard or to a "webpage". This will not be an interactive map. The problem with transferring interactive maps is that the recipient would require the map data. (for MapPoint, this requires 2 CDs or a DVD!)


02-20-2009, 09:59 AM

Thank you for your response.

I have not run "mappoint /regserver" but ran "regsrv32 ...mappointcontrol.ocx" I'll try your suggestion to see if it does anything different.

The reason I was asking about updating the maps, is that there are 6 other machines with 2004 on them that are working fine, just with the old maps. The 2 machines they upgraded are hosed at this point, and MS does not even know how to fix them.

So if I can update the maps for those PC's with 2004 on them that would save a lot of headache. In addition I read in another thread that Streets & Trips has more frequent updates, so wouldn't this be desirable anyway, especially since it is cheaper. How do I do this?

I do not know what an 'interactive' map is, but all we do is generate a route with 5-10 waypoints and display that. Apart from being able to zoom in and out, nothing is changed on the map at that point. Is zooming 'interactive'. If so, can I read a map generated with MP 2009 with Streets & Trips?