View Full Version : "Today's Posts" on Map Forums

Eric Frost
03-13-2009, 05:46 PM
As a registered user, lately I find myself frequently find myself going to the "Quick Links" drop-down on the upper right and clicking on "Today's Posts".

While that's good enough, occasionally I am on a archaic or limited browser (such as my phone) and the drop-down doesn't work.

Since it's probably the most frequent link I click on at MapForums.com, I recently put it up on the top navigation bar, you can see the link just above the big bold words MapForums at the top left. It works!

Hope this is also convenient for others.

Let me know if anyone has other suggestions for our forums. No hold's barred! Give me you best and/or most critical suggestions, reply in this thread.

Look forward to hearing from you.