View Full Version : MileCharter: Calculate Mileage Tables

03-24-2009, 10:28 AM
MileCharter is an add-in for Microsoft MapPoint that calculates mileage charts tables between two groups of pushpins. An example application, would be to find all route distances and travel times between your customers and your sales locations.

MileCharter writes the results to an Excel spreadsheet, and supports all of MapPoint's routing options. As well as road routes and straight lines, it can calculate travel times and costs.

The Professional License of MileCharter adds the ability to compute queries along the lines of "find the 3 closest sales offices to each of my customers that are also within 30 miles"

Price: $60 for the Basic License, and $100 for the Professional license. Discounts are available for purchases of 5 or more. Also available on CD-ROM from Great Minds / Amazon for $15 more.

See MileCharter: Home Page (http://www.milecharter.com) for further details and a free trial download.