Hi to all!

I'm trying to import data in Mappoint, and to draw them with the DisplayDataMap function in a MapTypeShadedArea. It works but not so well: I see a lot of pushpin, before the rendering phase is completed...

How can I skip the view of this pushpin ?

Here is my code:
datas = AxMappointControl1.ActiveMap.DataSets.ImportData(dbStr,xFieldArray, GeoCountry.geoCountryItaly)

objFields = datas .Fields.Item("Quantita")

If (datas .RecordCount > 0) Then
 datas.DisplayDataMap( _
     GeoDataMapType.geoDataMapTypeShadedArea, _
     objFields, _
     GeoShowDataBy.geoShowByRegion3, _
     GeoCombineDataBy.geoCombineByAdd, _
     GeoDataRangeType.geoRangeTypeContinuous, _
I saw an old post with the same question (Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2002 1:49 pm Post subject: how to skip wrong pushpinsymbol and map style, using datamap), but the answer'link is't more valid..