I've built a speed camera detector plugin for Mappoint/Autoroute (Or as a standalone application with no need to use Mappoint etc)
Demo only has data for UK and some of Europe, only works with NMEA receivers at the moment, might adapt it to SiRF if I haven't lost interest anytime soon!
Just in a Beta phase at the moment - only took me a little while to knock together, tested with a Haicom USB receiver, although it should work with any NMEA compliant USB or Serial receiver. (You need to know what COM port it is attached to)
Available download is the standalone app, the COM object to plugin to mappoint is not quite ready, still testing/cleaning up.
Any bugs/feature requests let me know now whilst it's in development!
Once downloaded, unzip the file and run the program directly from within the folder, the .wav can be substituted with any wave soundfile, as long as it is named the same.