Time to toss the August POI Megafile in the trash and download the new September update:

What’s new and improved (since August release)?

  • Kroger Freddy Fuel Collection (BRAND NEW – by request)
  • RidetoEat (reviewed places to eat)
  • All the Public Campground collections
  • Nascar – updated info
  • Rest Areas for Ohio has returned
  • Improvements to the available custom pushpin icons (added all the old school
    ones, removed a bunch of duplicates, added several new ones too)
  • WalMart locations that ban RV parking
  • WalMart Supercenters
  • WalMart Fuel Locations
  • WalMart (US)

This is a free download*and works*with Microsoft Streets & Trips 2011.* It will even work with the free 60 day trial version.* It will not work with S&T 2010.

How does it work?
Step 1.* If you know how to extract a zip file then download the smaller Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Sept.zip version.*If you don’t know what a zip file is (no worries)*just download the larger Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Sept.stt version to your desktop.
Step 2.* Double-click on the downloaded*Streets2011_POI_MegaFile.Sept.stt and S&T will open with the POI Megafile loaded.
Step*3. Plan a trip and save the file with a new name (eg. FallTrip-EastCoast.est)