MapPoint Object Model

The object model provides access to many, but not all of the MapPoint operations. It would be very helpful to be able to control all the user selectable options that are displayed on the routing MapPoint window.

A. Important options that are not currently Object Model controllable include:

1. Configuring and starting the GPS receiver.
2. Start GPS tracking.
3. Provide driving guidance.
4. Arrange map view.
5. Display/hide GPS pane.
6. Display/guide driving guidance.
7. Display/hide directions.
8. Change zoom level, map fonts and map styles.

B. Object Model Functions.

1. There should be full access to the GPS data and all MapPoint user selectable options.
2. The driving directions data should include the latitude/longitude coordinates of the directions; for example, the coordinates of the location at which a turn is made. (The presently included coordinates are an estimated location between two segments of a route.)


1. It should be possible to subscribe to a Microsoft service to provide updating of the Navteq maps and other data at a minimum of quarterly intervals.
2. There should be implementation of user editing of the map data to permit the addition of new roads and other information.
3. Notification of an approaching end address should include information about whether a building is on the right or left hand side of a street. This information is especially important when one is navigating on a divided roadway.
4. There should be an option to display the name of the street on which one if currently driving and the sequential house numbers as one drives down a street. Other GPS navigation programs have these helpful features.
5. There should be a navigation pane with user selectable variables that can be formatted and arranged as desired. This would permit the display of a number of parameters including speed, compass heading, elapsed distance, distance to go, elapsed time, time to go, stop time, driving time and other similar navigation parameters.
6. There should be a user selectable option of automatic re-routing from an off-route condition. Re-routing currently must be manually initiated.
7. There should be an auto zoom feature with user selectable parameters. That is, the map should be automatically magnified when slowing down, approaching intersections or coming near a destination. This is a standard feature in most GPS routing software.
8. MapPoint should be able to process GPS data at rates greater than 1Hz. The faster rates can reduce problems with display lag and improve the accuracy of speed and distance measurements. High quality, fast update GPS receivers are now available at a very reasonable cost. It is likely that most of the GPS routing software will take advantage of the improved receiver technology in the immediate future.