Direct push breasts: first with right hand Palm on the left upper part of the breast, that is, below the clavicle, even gently push straight down to the breast root, then up along the original route back, after 20~50, change the left hand massage right breast 20~50 times.

Thrust breasts: chest with his left hand and Palm are central, lateral pushes right breast up to the armpit, returned with fingers when the breast tissue is brought back, after repeated 20~50 times, the right massage left breast 20~50 times.Many people often underestimate the power of movement, in fact, appropriate exercise can definitely make our breasts become more perfect.Besides that, bella breast can increase your breast size.bella cream breast product is the most healthy safe breast enhancement method by far. It has been recognized by the medical profession, accepted by the love of beautiful lady.

Hot breast massage: before going to bed every night with a hot towel on both sides of the breast 3-5 minutes, massaging the breasts with the Palm around from left to right, massage 20~50.

Exercise is the best breasts. Participate in physical exercise, with particular attention to exercising the chest muscles, the pectoralis major muscle, promote breast fullness. Notice the standing and walking posture, keep the chest abdomen to facilitate breast development, and swimming in particular helps breasts fit.

It is swimming the best time, exercise can also heat, sisters move method: swimming can be made regardless of the season. Swimming 1-2 times a week and serve breast bodybuilders do.

Swimming Chest Protector works: water pressure on the rib cage not only makes respiratory muscles a workout, chest muscles will be developed.