Hi All New here but hopefully be fairly regular...

We're about to be buying a number of licenses for Mappoint 2004 for use within our unit in Local Government for plotting performance data. We span a County with our coverage but within that we are required (more & more) to provide data broken down by specific areas (PCT, Wards and Districts). Whilst I can see that we are able to plot distribution of clients onto the map we would like to be able to set the map up to show these areas on the map (not all simultaneously as they rarely share borders and some are quite small).

Is this where regions, polygons & territories come into play? How are these created, are they drawn freehand, plotted with long/lat co-ords. We do have another department that uses GIS quite extensively. If they already have this region data are we able to make use of it in Mappoint. If so, do we require programming skills or a developers kit?

Apologies for all the questions, I did do a search but as with any new application, understanding the meaning of terms is 50% of the learning curve.... (and seeing as i'm about to become the resident 'expert'..... )

Many thanks