Anyone know how to do this? Or has there been any word of a future release having this ability?

Would like to see the ability to create territories based on rectangular areas or circled areas drawn by the user. This would also include the ability to check an option box to allow these areas to overlap or not – for split territories. For example:

1) Draw a rectangle with your mouse over an area on the map which also indicates the distance in miles vertically and horizontally as you drag it.

2) Once you have drawn a rectangle of a particular territory, you can check mark to have the next territory “overlap” or not. If you chose not to overlap, the next rectangle will “butt” up against the other territory if you try to draw over it. If you chose to overlap it, this will indicate that the territory is split.

3) Also the ability to choose a location on your map as the center as you drag a rectangle or circle territory out from it. All this as it indicate once again the distances.

The Territory option is fantastic, it just needs the ability to be able to create you own customized territories other than zip code, census data, etc.