Hi Eric,

I must say your articles are very informative. Being a Brit, I had to tinker to find out that the CreateObject message should be (“Mappoint.Application.EU.11”), this works for me and I look forward to future articles.

If I were to draw up a wish list of things for consideration that I want to learn, they would be;

1. Similar to your last article of looking up an address, but going to the next step of plotting multiple pins from a spreadsheet containing a long list of addresses (using some form of loop, rather than hard coding each cell lookup).

2. Having plotted multiple pins, I want to see if I can determine if there are any pins within a variable proximity to another pin. (Are two addresses located within a short distance of one another?).

3. Last wish (for now I want to draw a bearing arrow on a pin. I have position coordinates (Lat/long) and bearing. I can plot a pin , then I want to draw a short arrow from the pin in the direction of the bearing data (provided in the spreadsheet).

I look forward to the next article.