Need a little help here...

Is there a way to specify BOTH a TimeValue() and DateValue() setting for a waypoint's "preferred arrival" property?

I am writing some VB code to take data from an Access database and optimize a route for delivery trucks using the MP ActiveX Control, but the trucks need to return to their starting point at least 3 times weekly before hitting the declining balance of their stops.

For example - On Monday, start at the plant, hit stops 1-5, then return to the plant. On Tuesday, hit stops 6-12 and stay overnight near stop 12. Wednesday, hit stops 13-19 and stay overnight near stop 19. Thursday, hit stops 20-28 and then return to the plant. On Friday, hit stops 29-50 and then return to the plant.

All of this needs to be optimized for time and fuel efficiency.

Looping through the waypoints and setting the individual properties for a specific time or for a specific date is easy enough, but when it comes time to optimize the stops and calculate the route, the "home base" stops (all the same location) are lumped together at the beginning or at the end of the route.

Anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance!