Is there a way I can force an event to occur? I would like to send a Left Mouse Button click to the MapPoint control after a user has clicked the Right Mouse Button. My dilemma is this: I have managed to prevent access to the context menu if a user first selects anything other than a Shape. If the select a shape and right click the mouse, the context menu displays, allowing them to add a point, close the curve, etc... That is exactly what I want to have happen, but, if the user right clicks off the shape and onto another area of the map, another context menu displays. However, if the user left clicks off the shape and subsequently right clicks, no context menu displays. It seems as if the left click triggers the control to reset so subsequent right clicks display no menus. Two right-clicks in a row (the first being on the shape to display the menu I want to display (i.e. adding points, etc...and the second being off of the shape) cause other menus to display. That is why I would like to "force" a left mouse button click - to possibly reset the control.