Company: MicroAnalytics Logistics Software

ARLINGTON,VA--TruckStops Routing and Scheduling Software version 2.9 adds new functionality and features in the TruckStops Graphics window and reports, making the software even more powerful and easier to use. Within the TruckStops Graphics window, users can now view their routes displayed against different types of mapping backgrounds. Users can also make manual changes to the routes more easily in both the report and Graphics views with added drag-and-drop functionality.

TruckStops’ new map background functionality allows users to enable Microsoft’s MapPoint, ALK’s PC*MILER, or PC*MILER/Streets maps as a background map to the TruckStops Graphics window as alternatives to the more traditional TruckStops Landmarks. If the user owns Map Point, PC*MILER and/or PC*MILER/Streets, they will have the ability to switch between the mapping sources with just a few clicks of the mouse and will retain all the editing capabilities of the TruckStops Graphics window regardless of which mapping option is displayed. These new options allow the user greater flexibility in the Graphics view, enhancing the ease with which users can view their routes in a mapping context.

Another feature in this new version of TruckStops is drag-and-drop functionality within the TruckStops reports. Users have always had the ability to drag-and-drop stops within the Graphics window; this feature is now extended to the report view. In addition to making changes in either the report or Graphics view, users can drag stops from the reports to the Graphics and vice versa. This new feature will help users make necessary manual changes faster and more easily than ever before.

Available for Windows® 95/98/ME/XP/NT/00, TruckStops can be used either dynamically, for scheduling vehicles on routes that change daily, or strategically, for planning and updating fixed delivery routes.

MicroAnalytics has produced high-quality, affordable logistics software since 1984. The company helped pioneer the development of PC-based routing systems and is recognized as the leading software provider with over 2,400 systems distributed worldwide. In addition to the TruckStops system, MicroAnalytics publishes and markets the OptiSite® Distribution Planning Model, GeoNet™ Location Databases and the BUSTOPS® Student Transportation Management System. The company operates offices in Arlington, Virginia; Toronto, Ontario; and London, England. Agents in Europe, South America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Singapore represent MicroAnalytics. The Arlington, Virginia headquarters may be reached at 703-841-0414 or via e-mail at MicroAnalytics’ web site is