I'm automating MP 2004 with ASP/VB.Net.
I found that sample in MP help, ...

Sub UnionSample()
    Dim oMap As MapPoint.Map
    Set oMap = GetObject(, "MapPoint.Application").ActiveMap
    Dim locNewYork, locParis As MapPoint.Location
    Set locNewYork = oMap.FindResults("New York City")(1)
    Set locParis = oMap.FindResults("Paris, Frankreich")(1)
    oMap.Union(Array(locParis, locNewYork)).GoTo
End Sub
... but I don't know how to fill that array-parameter for the Union in my vb.net code.
I stored some Locations in an vb.net array but if I put this in place of the array, I get the error "Wrong Parameter". So how to translate the vb.net array into a fitting array?
Or maybe the reason for the error is caused by something else?!

Thanks in advance