This forum has some great tips. I am hoping that the advice of you seasoned software map users can make our route maps for office visits more efficient.

At work, we are trying to find a map program or method that can basically pull a number from an Excel sheet and use that number (text or otherwise) as a pushpin for an associated name and address. For example, Joe Smith works at 123 Anywhere Dr. and is ID'ed as number 36 on our list. We want him to appear with a "36" for his pushpin. We use these for route maps for office visits. We have many lists for different purposes, with about 200 entries as a maximum per list. I know there are default pushpins in S&T and MP with numbers on them, but as far as I can tell, you have to manually assign/change each pushpin or associate a pushpin with a range of data (max of 8 such pushpins). I know you can create custom pushpins, but our lists change periodically, and custom pushpins still do not solve our problem of auto-numbering the appropriate pushpins. The goal is for our people to be able to refer to a map printout and be able to match the pushpins to our Excel lists easily while on the road, without the need for a laptop in the car.

We have Mappoint 2006 and Streets and Trips 2007 already, but are opening to obtaining any program that can do the job. I am hoping that someone has already built a similar solution. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!