I am tyring to create a dll which is accessable to the outside world using VC++, I've already attempted to do this with vb, and the problem was that the dlls could not be seen form outside i.e from rundll32. I have now resorted to VC++ as I know it is possible to expose the methods in the dlls. But Ive come accross other problems! I have already looked at the following site and it was helpful:


However, when trying to use a win32 console project (or any other project which enables me to create a dll), I get problems.

// First we create a MapPoint _Application object and display it
		_ApplicationPtr myMapPointPtr;
		myMapPointPtr.CreateInstance( "MapPoint.Application" );

		// Get a pointer to the internal _Application object
		_Application* myMapPoint = (_Application*)myMapPointPtr;
		assert( myMapPoint!=NULL );
The assertion on the last line of the code does not hold, and the rest of the code will not run. The exact same code runs when creating an exe file.

Does anybody know how to do this, and is it at all possible? Because I'm yet to find anything useful on the net for my particular problem.