Ok, here is my story.... I updated an older VB6 app to display vehicles on a map. I read the vehicles coordinates and write them to an Access DB and then display them on the map. Before i display them, i change the pushpin to be unique for each vehicle. This ALWAYS works great for the first (2) i add to the map, but then the 3rd always just adds the generic black pushpin and so on.... Any ideas or sample code for the best way to link to an ACCESS DB, assign unique pushpins and update and then display them on a map would be greatly appreciated !!!

P.S. - the strange thing is that if i close the form containing the map (the rest of the app is running) and reload it, the map works great and all the pushpins are correct from that point on....Only when i add a new pushpin does that particular one have problems....the rest are ok...
Any ideas ? Thank you much,