Hi all,

A newbie question, so apologies if its been asked a 1000 times already.

I am creating a location review database. The intention was to have a map as well as various performance graphs displayed for each location ( selectable from a drop down box ).

I am able to embed a map, based around cells containing longitude and latitude. However, subsequent changes to those cells have no impact on the embedded map. I want changes to the data contained in those Excel cells to cause the map to centre on the new location at the current zoom level. Those longs and lats will be looked up from a location drop down accesible to the user, and will be presented along with a pile of other data.

I would also want that map to be a map that will have had various data layers already added to.

I appreciate that after each change the user could go through the process of creating the map via the com add in, but this is just not quick enough or user friendliness for the intended purpose. The functionality i describe is something i just assumed the package would have, surely its something that would be wanted by anyone that builds front sheets based around look ups?

Vaguely competent at VB, and competent MapInfo user if it helps tailor the response.

Any help on this issue would really be very greatly appreciated since i was genuinely excited about the possibilities of this database, and i have now hit a slighly depressing brick wall.

Many thanks,