I want to be able to pull the waypoint data from my Garmin eTrex HC Venture right into Mappoint, but of course Garmin doesn't use the standard and only provides a usb cable with the device which won't work with Mappoint. I'm trying to find a cable that will let it work, but the only cables I'm finding have a serial connector on one end and a usb on the other. I don't see how these would work because the GPS unit has that weird "hat" shaped port like digital cameras have, so the only way those cables would connect is from one of my usb ports to the serial port and it won't even connect to the GPS unit. So can anyone explain to me how this would work, or could help me find a cable that will. I'm doing a fleet reroute for work and its taking forever to copy and paste the lats/longs into an excel sheet without this cable.