I suspect I am not part of the normal MapPoint user community--I am a manager wanting to make PowerPoint presentations that use maps to display information when that is appropriate, and have MapPoint do all the work to show the locations on the map. The data I wanted to display was related to sites being impacted by the Base Realignment and Closure recommendations. There are about 200 data points, and they tend to have dense clusters in places where there are a lot of military bases (Washington, DC, for example). The actions include closing, downsizing, and upsizing. I was able to show that using different pushpins. I was not able to display the name of the site (other than by adding text boxes). I wanted to show the movement of people by year (maybe an arrow between the impacted by sites, color coded by year, with a width indicating volume), but found no way to do that either.

I was also unable to create a composite map (say a Continental US map with enlargements wherever they might be appropriate)

Finally, I was unable to get rid of the display of state names and a whatever cities are on the basic map.

Anyway, I suspect the right idea is not to put all these capabilities into MapPoint, but rather to add very limited MapPoint capabilities to Visio.