With the impending release of the much anticipated teen vampire romance, Twilight: New Moon, the Bing team has put together The Virtual Twilight Tour, a blood-sucking fun application for you to view an exclusive Twilight video tour brings Forks, La Push, Port Angeles, and Volterra right to your computer so that you can see 16 of Twilight’s and New Moon’s most exciting locations, such as the Cullen house, Fork’s Police Station, Fork’s Hospital, Bella Italia, the dress shop, the book store, and the high school, where you can also take a virtual tour. Just scroll over the Bing Map for location-based navigation and check out the Bing searches in the mix. There’s one part in the Twilight book where Bella looks up the word ‘vampire’ using her “favorite search engine" and then hits the bookstore in Port Angeles. Try it yourself on the virtual tour and see what happens.


The application uses Bing Maps Silverlight control not just for location context, but also because of the native integration with media elements like video and audio. In fact, the Bing Maps Silverlight control interactive SDK has samples on how to overlay scalable (and non-scalable) video feeds right into the control. So, technically, you could do this with you favorite character.

Oh, and I must give full credit to our Bing Maps PR Manager, Melissa Powell for the inspirational title to this post. Unlike a vampire, she doesn’t suck.

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