Hello Everyone:

At a Loss can anyone help...

I am using VBA and a mappointcontrol,... I have setup a form to simulat the features available for wait time, depart and arrival time.

example Code:

Set objpushPin = objMap.FindPushpin(Forms!mapplan.List222)
objroute.Waypoints.Item(s).StopTime = Nz(Forms!delay.wait, "0") * geoOneMinute
If IsNull(Forms!delay.atime) Then GoTo skipa Else objroute.Waypoints.Item(s).PreferredArrival = CDate(Forms!delay.atime)
If IsNull(Forms!delay.depart) Then GoTo skipd Else objroute.Waypoints.Item(s).PreferredDeparture = CDate(Forms!delay.depart)

the problem I have is that once an arrival time or departure time has been entered, there does not seem to be a way to turn off the arrival or departure check box.

I thought a this might do it but no luck...

objroute.Waypoints.Item(s).PreferredDeparture = False

Any thoughts would be appreciated

Thank you