Hello Everyone,

The Team at GPS Magic have just released a standalone piece of software that will give you Spoken and visual notifications of Traffic cameras as you approach them.

Unlike GPS Magic which is based around Microsoft Mappoint
GPS Magic Cam does not require any third part software.

All you will need is a laptop, a GPS Receiver and the GPS Magic Cam software.

You can then take advantage of the regularly updated camera databases posted on the GPS Magic website.

GPS Magic Cam will then give you a clear visual and spoken warning of any trafic camera as you approach it.

If You find a camera that is not in the database, GPS Magic Cam also has an easy to use tool for adding extra cameras to the data base.

Like GPS Magic Plus there is no Subscription and no cost for downloading the database or for updates.

All you need to do is pay a one off registration Fee of 10.00 for the GPS Magic Cam software.

You can find out more information about GPS Magic or GPS Magic Cam by visiting then website.