B.C. ISV aims Virtual Earth application at realtors

"Conover said integrating Microsoft Corp.’s mapping and imagery technology, Virtual Earth, with Tarasoft Matrix will grant realtors that “killer feature that Google doesn’t have.”

"Plus the resolution is really good, said Conover. “It’s not like it’s ten times further up, it’s a nice low airplane view,” he said, adding the makers have maintained the map imagery accurately."

"But it’s more than just a high-resolution imagery where a realtor can zoom in on the target until the roof of the house is visible. There’s an added slant to it, said Ryan Storgaard, strategy manager for search & online services with Microsoft Canada Co. “You can see it as a 45-degree angle and get that sense of what it’s like there, what the street looks like, or what the front of the building looks like.”

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