I am going to have to get a contact at Farallon Geographics so that I can get a heads up when they launch new Virtual Earth applications like the one they just announced for the City of San Mateo, which I happened to stumble onto tonight browsing GISuser.com.

Farallon developed a Master Address Database (MAD) that could be used as a central authoritative service by all authorized San Mateo City departments. The MAD was deployed using the City’s SQL server database accessible over an Intranet website and integrated with the City’s existing Intergraph GeoMedia geodatabase. Of course if I am blogging on it you know that the application is using Virtual Earth for the visualization and mapping component. (Had to be Virtual Earth since they are serving it up as a web application!) Their press release can be read here.

Meanwhile, they have a page on their website that features an explanatory demo of the application plus a couple of others.

More and more, these guys are doing cool things with Virtual Earth.


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